Traditional marketing has literally been flipped on its head. No longer can we depend solely on the days of simple print advertising, hiring a PR firm and sending direct mail to prospects and clients. Nope, today’s experienced marketing professional must balance both old school marketing and new digital media to move the organization’s Geiger counter.

The culprit; technology.

While a very powerful addition, it has changed the marketers landscape forever! With the addition of new tools, apps, tweets, shares, and likes this new age Tennessee marketer would say, I’m busier than a one-eyed cat watching 9 mouse holes.”

Seriously, being a savvy marketer these days requires multiple personalities, at the very least a dual personality; part artist and part geek. Mastering the new “creativity economy” requires both right-brain thinking to create innovative, dynamic and memorable campaigns that will engage customers, and left-brain expertise to analyze and measure results. Corporate must meet design and integrate analytical and creative problem solving for more meaningful customer experiences. And that is where brand loyalty and brand equity intersect.

Inbound marketing has become the standard go-to strategy for today’s business development experts. Being able to determine what content to create and engage your audience requires a master communicator. And knowing how strategic content can entertain and/or educate is a critical core competency. Add in business operations, mixed with profit and loss proficiency, and imagine Albert Einstein mixed with Steve Jobs.

It takes great imagination to catch eyeballs and make an impression amongst thousands of other messages flying across the social stratosphere of smart phones, laptops and tablets. Marketing can no longer afford to be a cost center, it has to be revenue generator and prove all campaign activities are netting hard-core results.