As part of Apple’s iOS 7, iBeacons is Apple’s brand name for a specific technology that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with a nearby smart device. Just imagine tiny low-cost transmitters placed in your building with the power to broadcast customized targeted alerts, offers or specials directly to your customer’s smart phones.

Think museum tour guide meets Google maps, all integrated on a smart phone, giving real time information about products and discounts as a customer peruses your store. Retailers can also push individual offers to consumers who are looking for particular sale items when they are close by. This technology also will have the capability to enable payment at the point of sale (POS). Do you think this is a value added differentiator for retail businesses? If you answered no, think about the next time you drive by Whole Foods after work and they text you about their Organic chicken dinner with 2 sides special?

Knowing who’s nearby, and what their traffic and buying patterns are is critical intelligence that retailers have clamored for years. If you understand the power of Content marketing, this is a powerful new tool and companies need to make sure to have a content strategy and roadmap that will lead your target audience. If you need assistance navigating the online content world and putting all of the power of digital to work for you, give Brand-it Digital a call. We will help you determine what type technology and Content is crucial for your customers on the move.