Marketing’s job has shifted over the past several years from selling products and services, branding and writing press releases to creating a more focused out marketing strategy to include positioning your company/brand and developing yourself as a subject matter expert with content marketing.

Top 6 ways to Create Content Value in Social Media

1. Offer value: Content marketing is all about providing rich and helpful information to your target audience. Don’t focus on the end sale instead build engagement and offer value to your prospects. Offer information that will tell your prospects that you know what they are interested in and need.
2. Take away a pain point: Help them solve a problem in their business. Become a problem solver and not just a product pusher. Offer solutions to pre-emptive problems and be the expert.
3. Write, blog, write: By having a blog on your website you will automatically stand out as a subject matter expert to those who click thru. Plus, developing content will boost your SEO and drive page ranking on google.
4. Recycle, reuse, and repurpose: It’s perfectly legit to retweak prior articles, white papers and curated information. Add an opt-in format to collect prospecting data into your CRM.
5. Videos earn 3X more click thrus: Use videos to drive viewers and solidify your expertise. It doesn’t have to be professional, you can video from your laptop and even your iphone. Share them on social media and offer tips to your audience.
6. Share, share, share: Use al your social media channels to distribute your content. Make sure to create a catchy title to grab their attention. Develop a reputation for being a thought leader.

If you focus on offering value, information, subject matter conent, it’ll put you one step closer to the cha ching cha ching.