Nashville is garnering press from all over the world, most recently from;

  • Time’s… The South’s Red-Hot Town
  • Forbes names Nashville a “Region to Watch” for 2014
  • Trulia’s Top 10 Markets to Watch
  • The Atlantic’s… America’s Most Robust Music Economy

And the lists keep on coming, New people are moving here in droves, whether to enjoy the music scene, build entrepreneurial businesses, attend one of our top notch Universities or add to the bustling health care economy.

You’re probably wondering, what does Nashville real estate have to do with my online brand? If you look at our town as a destination location that offers valuable resources, and apply the same philosophy to your online presence, you’ll see many similarities;

  1. First, Nashville boasts an amazing outdoor lifestyle nine months out of the year. With a variety of activities for both the young and the old. Our town is centrally located and easy to get to. Nashville is visually appealing, from the hills to the walk able, downtown streetscapes and historic filled tourist spots.
  • WHAT DOES YOUR BRAND SAY? Does your online presence reflect the look and feel of your brand? Does it communicate the value of what you offer? Are the aesthetics of your website and social media visually inviting?
  1. Nashville has truly transformed into a thriving city to work, play and visit as a tourist destination. The city, along with our beautiful topology, offers award winning Chefs and true Southern hospitality. There’s so much to see and do that visitors return multiple times.
  • DO YOU OFFER VALUABLE CONTENT? Your online presence IS a destination; ask yourself, why do customers and prospects visit your site or social media channels regularly? What kind of content do you offer to help meet their needs? What do you provide that your competition doesn’t? Is your content informative, entertaining or engaging? How do you keep your viewers coming back?
  1. And finally, Music city knows exactly who we want to visit our fine city? We target relocating businesses, baby boomers, country music aficionados and families with from all over the world. Not to mention, quality of life and getting out of the cold winters, drives many a retiree’s relocation.
  • WHO IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? Do you have a clear definition of who your customers and prospects are? How do you currently communicate with them? Can you expand to other online channels where they frequent? Are you missing a potential new audience all together?

Answering these questions is a great place to start when re-evaluating your online marketing efforts. Does your business drive viewers to your website and participate in Social Media? How much of your online real estate do you truly own?