And if not, why not?

According to recent studies, marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the last fifty. Universities and colleges are barely keeping pace with digital and modern marketing course offerings. And who has time to go back to school anyway? Your management team is being baptized by fire. Is your company positioned and ready to take advantage of the hyper-speed digital age?

“Going digital” means there are more ways for customers to interact with your business, especially in channels that didn’t exist a few years ago.

Think back to the early 90’s when your customer shopped at your bricks and mortar location, called you on the phone or placed an order online. Today digital touch points have multiplied tenfold. Customers have become individually powerful on review sites, social media posts, Pinterest, forums, and with mobile apps.

What’s an executive to do? How do you keep pace with the changes? Digital is moving quicker than a hot knife through butter.

It’s even more critical for a customer to experience a seamless and integrated message. Companies who drive social media through multiple organizations, need to incorporate integrated brand messaging. Each touchpoint within the company, from sales to customer service, product development to new product launch and information technology to marketing, requires a cohesive message that supports the overall company objectives.

As it becomes more and more commonplace for customers to jump around multiple channels during their pre, post and future buying process. The companies that realize the value of ongoing conversation with their customers will build loyal customers relationships.

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There is only one boss. The customer and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down. Simply by spending his money elsewhere.

Sam Walton