New hospitality business generates over 2000 fans within 6 months of launch

Sales increase 105% within 12 months of rolling out strategic marketing plan

Customer foot traffic grows 4X for Franchise Cool Springs restaurant

Retail sales grow 150% in the first 6 months for Nashville Home Goods company

Nashville based Brand-it Digital specializes in time tested strategies that help businesses expand their online real estate. We ignite your brand with passion and innovation.  Own your company’s digital footprint and simultaneously realize greater brand awareness and customer loyalty. We’ve found that strategic marketing and social media are the lifeblood of busy small-medium businesses and entreprenuerial start-ups. At Brand-it Digital we bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing. Call us a bit avant-garde, but what you get is pure ingenious profitable ideas that you can take to the bank and isn’t that what matters anyway? Fueled with over two decades of professional experience, we draw upon real world experience and industry best practices to save you time and money so you can get to the good stuff:

  • Amplified Brand Awareness
  • Increased Revenues
  • Enhanced Communications
  • Improved Customer Loyalty
  • New Product/Market Opportunities

Brand-it Digital blends the strategic with the practical and infuses the technical know how. Yup, a tad nerdy, but we’re ok with that because our results speak for themselves.

Building Digital Brands…

…One Customer Engagement at a Time

Michele Wolfson


Brand-it Digital ignites your brand with passion and innovation. Create new value with positive innovative change.


Expert communication is our forte. We are engagement experts and know what works with your audience.


Our clients want bottom line results, whether it’s sales, foot traffic, customer engagement or loyalty, Brand-it Digital knows you value a return on your investment.